Quality, by Clark

Beans offer many benefits

White beans are the basic ingredient in Clark beans and they’re a legume that’s high in minerals, vitamins, fibre and protein. They even have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health, thanks to their phytosterol content. An excellent meat-alternative, beans are also very satisfying!

Quality beans are easy to recognize

A meticulous seeding, farming and harvesting process lies behind each of our exceptional beans. As suppliers, Clark only calls on conscientious Canadian producers who are on the lookout for the finest Canadian beans, harvested at their peak moisture content, to guarantee their optimal quality.

The best ingredients, carefully simmered

Clark uses only the finest quality white beans and the very best ingredients to make their succulent bean varieties.

And, because eating is a sensory pleasure, Clark takes great care to simmer them properly to ensure their appearance, mouthfeel and taste are irresistible.

Prepared here, for people from here

Clark prepares its beans locally, drawing on the most delicious recipes of yesteryear, to deliver the taste people here love!

Prepared without preservatives

No tricks are necessary to make Clark beans look their best: they're simply good.

Where to find our beans

Our refrigerated beans are now available in your grocery store’s ready-to-eat section.