The Art of Brunch, by Clark

When lunch becomes brunch, the party gets started! And when you add Clark refrigerated beans, you’ll want to get together with friends and family that much more.

Why choose Clark beans?

Clark only obtains its supplies from conscientious Canadian producers who are on the lookout for the finest Canadian beans, harvested at their ideal moisture content, guaranteeing optimal quality. Clark takes great care to simmer its beans properly, so that their appearance, mouthfeel and taste are irresistible

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The benefits of beans

White beans are the basic ingredient in Clark beans and they’re a legume that’s high in minerals, vitamins, fibre and protein.

Prepared here, for people from here

Not only Clark prepares its beans locally but also has its head office, here, in Canada. The brand has always been drawing on the most delicious recipes of yesteryear, to deliver the taste people here love!

Our refrigerated beans

Clark, proud ambassador of our authentic local beans, offers 4 new tasty varieties in the ready-to-eat section.

Where to find our beans

Our refrigerated beans are now available in your grocery store’s ready-to-eat section.