BBQ-style brunch

Introducing the revamped “Construction Breakfast” brunch for those who have a bear-sized appetite. Enough energy to tackle all the afternoon’s activities!


On the barbecue, roast sausages, ham, tomato halves and any other vegetables you like such as asparagus, large mushrooms (portobello), zucchini.

Heat Clark Maple Syrup & Ham Beans in a cast iron frying pan.

In another skillet, prepare eggs to your taste.

Serve with toast and a vitamin-rich orange juice.

Grocery List

For 8 guests


Is it the dead of winter? No problem! Invite your guests to sit down and feast around a raclette oven to make this gourmet moment last!

Where to find our beans

Our refrigerated beans are now available in your grocery store’s ready-to-eat section.