Vegetable omelette

What could be better than a well-garnished omelette to brighten up the morning and start the day off right with the family. It's easy, and children can help prepare this tasty classic!

For 6 guests

Prepare a standard omelette mixture with about twelve eggs.

In a cast iron skillet, brown cubed and sliced seasonal vegetables, or any vegetables you already have in the fridge.

Pour in the eggs, and sprinkle with shavings of your favourite cheese.

Bake the omelette, then let it rise and brown a little.

In the meantime, heat Clark Country Style Breakfast Beans.

Finally, place all the items on the table, accompanied by croissants and colourful fruit platters.

Grocery List


Original twist: Pour the preparation into a lightly oiled and pre-heated waffle iron for a fun waffle-omelette that’s sure to please children and adults alike!

Where to find our beans

Our refrigerated beans are now available in your grocery store’s ready-to-eat section.